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What is MAV?

MAV is the culmination of decades of freight expertise coupled with the desire to provide 100% customer service.  MAV cuts through industry red tape by leveraging the latest technology in sales management and customer service. 

Why on earth would anyone start another freight company? 

MAV's founders are capitalizing on a huge market opportunity.  Current trends of the freight industry fly in the face of MAV’s mission.  As a start-up, we easily outmaneuver publicly traded conglomerates.  These large corporations are focused on purchasing freight companies, cutting staff and squeezing their customer base into out-of-date operations. MAV’s business model is the opposite.  MAV is bringing back traditional, relationship-based customer service that has completely faded away. 

At MAV, we share knowledge and expertise to create team chemistry.  This, coupled with cutting-edge technology, gives MAV the tools and drive to make our mark in the 
cross-border freight transport marketplace. 

Who is MAV?

MAV’s managing partners have worked together, for decades, in key positions in leading freight companies. The MAV team is hand-selected, composed of members with existing and well-oiled relationships.  We know and trust our team. We share MAV’s goal to bring best in class customer service, always, in every relationship we build. 

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